Louise Manners MRICS at AWH

As Property Experts, we are always looking to make sure we have the best possible people for the job. For us, this includes looking for ways in which we can help our team continue to develop their skills and qualifications. Becoming an expert in the property market takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and as a celebration of the effort involved, we would like to introduce you to Louise Manners, who has recently qualified as a Chartered Surveyor (MRICS).

By her own admission, Louise has always had a love for property, without even realising it. In her previous profession as a teacher, she apparently “always talked to her colleagues about properties over lunch”, so when she was looking for a new career path it just seemed like the natural industry for her to enter. Louise said: “For me, being a qualified Chartered Surveyor is the qualification to aim for, if you want to go the professional route in the property market.

Becoming a Chartered Surveyor required the completion of a Bachelors or Masters degree which has been approved by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Already having studied for a bachelor degree for her teaching career, Louise was able to do a RICS approved Masters’ degree.
Understandably, the qualification involves significant workplace experience, normally performed over a period of 12 or 24 months, depending on previous experience. As Louise had not been in property industry for that long at the time, she opted to do it over 24 months. During this time she worked alongside one of our three directors, getting as much exposure as possible. Some of the practical tasks she had to learn were how to perform inspections and then write the subsequent reports. Louise reflects that “it was like doing the full job, just with supervision.

In addition, specialist training throughout the practical experience within the firm, the creation of a portfolio, and a final interview exam, are all requirements of the final qualification.

So, why go through it all?

Louise says, “The whole point of going through the process to get the qualification is to prove that you are a safe pair of hands, that the advice that you are giving is to a certain standard.” A Chartered Surveyor studies to ensure they have the appropriate knowledge about property, the market itself, as well as economic and political impacts that could present themselves. “It is about understanding the macro elements as well as just ‘I think the building is worth X’.

At AWH we have pool of really talented directors, some of whom have been working with property for a long time – in different parts of the country and with various property types. As a firm we can draw on that wealth of knowledge from so many talented individuals, to make sure that the advice we are giving is the correct advice.

As a client-oriented firm, the advice our property experts give, which is always backed by RICS approved insurance, is always in the best interest of our clients. What we do, we do to support our clients.

Call Louise or another member of our team on 0800 071 5517 or contact us to discuss any aspect of the services we offer.