When you are considering carrying out work on a property, whether it is your own or that of a client, it is important to take into consideration whether any of the planned work affects a party wall. A party wall is defined as any wall that links two or more properties so that the wall cannot be said to belong wholly to any one property owner. In any terraced or semi-detached property at least some of the walls will therefore inevitably be party walls, as will several of the walls in a flat or maisonette.

Work that impacts a party wall is specifically dealt with in law under the Party Wall Act (1996) and there are strict requirements about steps you must take before beginning any work. In many cases, this requires a professional survey and Anderson Wilde & Harris have extensive experience in conducting such surveys for individuals as well as some of the UK’s largest developers.

When you might need a Party Wall survey

The Party Wall Act covers any work that could affect both sides of the wall, for example demolishing or rebuilding it, inserting damp proof course or cutting into it to insert a beam. Whenever work affects the co-owning party you must obtain their consent before it is carried out. This is done through serving a written notice to all the owners of affected properties. The notice must be served at least two months before work commences.

Any neighbour who does not respond in writing within 14 days of receiving the notice is considered as dissenting to the work. When there is a dispute to the proposed work, the Party Wall Act requires the appointment of at least one surveyor. This could be a single surveyor who is appointed by both parties and acts impartially, or it may be that each party appoints their own surveyor.

How Anderson Wilde & Harris can help

If you are looking for a Party Wall surveyor, London-based Anderson Wilde & Harris is here to help. Our Chartered Surveyors have worked on projects of all sizes and fill a vital role in the process of making changes to a party wall. Their vast experience in acting as an impartial party and mediator between the shared owners of the affected properties has helped hundreds of cases come to a successful conclusion.

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