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Careful planning and experienced industry knowledge save client over £1m in building costs.

When a client needed help bringing the costs down for an extensive construction project being undertaken on an existing period property in central London, AWH was able to save them £1m in building costs, drawing on their extensive experience and contacts within the property market.


Set behind a row of Victorian houses and overlooking a large pond, the building work being undertaken will end up removing parts of an existing house, adding a basement and extending the property significantly, while not affecting the aesthetics of the frontage or surrounding properties.

The client took the project to tender in 2018 only to be met with quotes that far exceeded their expectations. The price of the building work was not the only problem the client faced however. As the property abuts a large body of water, possible flooding and water damage had to be considered from the outset, especially with the planned addition of a basement. And if that were not enough, access to the construction site is limited to a 7 ft. archway between two of the neighbouring properties.


Turning to their finance broker for guidance, they were put in touch with AWH and introduced to Clive Morley FCIOB FRICS MAE MFPWS, a Chartered Building Surveyor, Registered Valuer and Director of the Building Survey, Architectural Services and Project Management departments at AWH as well as Jason Kerr MRICS, a Director in Valuations and Professional Services.

With their extensive experience of property development, building surveying and property valuation, Clive and Jason were perfectly suited to tackle the job. Their first priority was to bring the cost of the project down to a more realistic level.

After putting their own tender out the AWH team carefully reviewed all the quotes they received and eventually sourced a construction company who have experience in doing work of this kind under circumstances of a similar nature. Working closely with both the client and the contractor, proposals were also drawn up to use waterproof concrete for the basement shell.

With work due to complete in September 2023, there may still be some other challenges ahead. With Clive, Jason and the rest of the AHW team at the helm though, the client is confident that their property is in good hands.


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