Choosing the right survey for your needs can be a daunting endeavour for the average home owner or prospective buyer.

With a range of surveys available and the complicated evaluation reports they can generate, choosing the right survey is as important as the need for a survey itself. We will always ensure that the we provide the right information and that often means discussing your requirements first.

As a guide, the three main types of home buyer surveys are, each will supply their own unique perspective on the property in question.

Building Survey

Here’s why you’ll love the Building Survey.

  • Experienced surveyors guiding you every step of the way.
  • Over 50 different points of interest identified and noted.
  • Delivered within 3-5 days after inspection.
  • 60-page PDF booklet with photos for you to save and keep.

RICS HomeBuyer Report

This report gives you more details information whilst buying a conventional property and provides a valuation. It includes a more extensive inspection of the property with guidance on defects that may affect the value of the property. Repairs and ongoing maintenance advice is also provided

RICS Condition Report

This report focusses purely on the condition of your property by giving ratings of the different parts of the building and flagging up any areas that need attention.

Note: This does not include a valuation of the property!


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