Are you looking to sell your home but don’t know who much it might be worth? Having a valuation carried out by one of our London residential valuation experts will give you vital information regarding the value of your property, so you can make sure it is on the market at the right price!

Mortgage applicants, investors, banks, brokers, lenders, accountants and solicitors also all make use of residential valuations to determine the fair market price for a home.

How is a residential valuation calculated?

When carrying out a residential valuation, our valuation experts use data from a wide variety of sources to calculate an estimated value. Some of the sources we make use of include online property websites, property sale data sites and local high street estate agents.

In addition to this research, we carry out a thorough inspection of the property with regard to its location, local services and amenities, comparable properties, and the general condition of the property. We will also consider factors that may affect the valuation negatively, such as undesirable architectural features, damage or landscape issues and proximity to noisy businesses and infrastructure.

Our valuations team is familiar with an enormous range of property types, as well as valuation portfolios, and can therefore cater for almost any requirement.

The valuation is not a Survey!

It is important to note that residential valuations are not a home survey. While we do inspect the property, we only assesses the condition of the property, and only as much as can be achieved from a visual inspection insofar as it affects the valuation. A residential valuation is not suitable for assessing what work may be required on the property after purchase, or gathering recommendations as to repairs of maintenance. We do offer different types of home survey, so please speak to us about those, if you would like further information.

How AWH can help

If you need a residential valuation, London based experts are ready to help. We have worked in the property market in London and the South East for over 20 years, regularly valuing houses and flats in an around central London.

To discuss our services and experience in more detail, or to get advice on a residential valuation, contact us on 0800 071 5517 or email


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