What you don’t know about your new home could cost you…Thousands.

Jane was ecstatic at finally getting the keys to her new home. Officially, she’d moved in a few days ago, but between work and friends there were still boxes scattered in every room.

She looked around, her excitement growing over having the luxury of her own space.

After all the moving costs, Jane would need to budget closely for the next few months. She didn’t mind though, she’d gotten a good deal on the price of her home.

Jane sat back in her lone chair and sipped her tea, thinking of all the things she would do with her rooms.

But then it started to rain, and that’s when everything fell apart.

As Jane went to bed that evening, she found herself looking at the ceiling and noticed a large brown water mark. She wasn’t sure if it had been there before, so left it alone for now.

A few days later, the patch was growing. Concerned, Jane started googling “water stains ceiling” and “brown water patch”. She also went into the loft and looked around for the source. Jane found a small gap in the roof tiles,  which was letting in water.

The next day, Jane contacted a roof specialist to come in. The roofer told her that part of the roof would have to be pulled up and refitted, on top of the ceiling damage costs. Jane was devastated. She would struggle to find the cash to pay the hundreds the specialist was asking for to fix it.

If she had known about this problem before buying the house, she would have negotiated the price down.

Buying your new home is stressful. Incredibly stressful.

The biggest financial decision of your life… and you need to think of so many things. Is this a good area? Do I like it here? Are there schools, shops, cinemas nearby? Can I easily walk to a train station or am I reliant on the car? How many bedrooms should I go for? Garden or no garden? 2-storey townhouse or bungalow? And on and on.

And then when you’ve made an offer and had it accepted, there’s all the paperwork to go through. And still, you’re not sure whether you’ve made the right choice. You’re feeling good about it, but every now and then the self-doubt and fear set in. What if house prices fall and I can’t sell? What if the roof goes and I have to pay for a new one? There’s no more landlord to call and fix things for me. Am I making the right choice?

Imagine if you could know all of the problems a house might have, before you sign on the dotted line?

Imagine if you could save money, by successfully negotiating down the price for your new home?

The truth is there’s a way to know for sure the hidden issues a house has.

Buying your new home should be a milestone, not a millstone.

Our surveyors spend years in training.

Visiting thousands of properties all over London, honing their skills to spot and identify all types of problems.

And they don’t work alone.

They share knowledge, experience and skills within their team to solve the toughest problems.

They work under highly regarded experts in the industry, building up their knowledge of problems and solutions that can arise in any situation.

They learn about rising damp, pitched roofs and different types of concrete; so that they can develop expert skills in spotting housing problems.

Our surveyors are put through their paces by the RICS every year and expected to constantly keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

They have looked at thousands of properties across London, seen hundreds of different problems, and solved them. They’re familiar with houses, bungalows, flats, terraces, semis, and more.

They’re our resident Experts in Property.

The 3 Biggest Survey Myths which come back to bite.

‘I don’t need a survey; my bank did a valuation’

A valuation is only for the benefit of the Bank, and in most cases you will never even see the survey report – despite having paid for it! The valuation assures the bank that the property is worth the amount you want to borrow to pay for it. It is a form of security for the bank to go ahead with your mortgage.

A survey however, gives a detailed, in-depth inspection of the property.

‘All surveys are the same’

Actually, there are many different types of survey. The one you choose will depend on which is most suitable for you and your property.

‘Surveys are a waste of money’

Surveyors can uncover hidden and unexpected problems that can cost thousands further down the line. If problems are found, this allows you to renegotiate the price or ask for works to be done before completion. The survey can also be used if you choose to sell the property to prove there are no hidden problems.

You might think you don’t need a survey. You’ve seen your new home, it looks ok from your brief glance around. Maybe a fresh coat of paint and it’ll be ready to go. And you’re right. You could do that. But you probably don’t know the tell-tale signs of Japanese Knotweed (banks almost never lend on properties with this plant nearby). And you’ve seen a few cracks, but aren’t sure which are harmless and which can be signs of subsidence (insurers always put up premiums if they think this could be a problem – even after it’s been fixed).

Yes, it takes time, effort and most importantly money, to get the survey done. But if the survey reveals a hidden problem in the roof, then you could negotiate off the asking price or ask the seller to fix the roof before selling. As new roofs can cost £10,000+, a survey could save you thousands.


It takes years of dedicated training to become a Surveyor.

Our surveyors spend countless hours learning about floors, walls, foundations, soil conditions, building materials, how temperature affects buildings, whether nearby rivers are a problem, how timber frames can hold up buildings, and more. They learn the boring stuff like all the different types of concrete – so that you don’t have to.

This riveting read is found right here: https://www.baseconcrete.co.uk/different-types-of-concrete-grades-and-their-uses/

From blocks of flats, to 16th Century cottages, our surveyors have seen almost every type of property. And when they haven’t, we have a team of experienced surveyors who can jump in and help. Our directors have over 75+ years of combined experience in the London property market alone. Our director of Building Surveys (Clive Morley) has 40+ years of construction experience behind him, straight from working directly on construction sites. He regularly uses his expertise in court and is trusted time and again to solve the knottiest of house problems.

We put all of this combined expertise to use with every Building Survey that is sent out.

Here’s why other people bought:

“These guys are really passionate and dedicated to their work. When I phoned they were working in the dark…if that is not passion what is? All in all they were very helpful on the phone and gave advice which I used and got good results. I believe they are committed to their clients getting their matter resolved properly. Thanks James and Co”  Ros

“They were reliable and efficient and did the survey earlier than first estimated. I was able to talk to the surveyor afterwards before getting the written report and he was helpful and friendly.”  Sue

Introducing…The Building Survey Report Service

More specifically, here’s how it’s going to work.

After you’ve decided to go ahead with our Building Survey Report, we will arrange for our experienced surveyor to inspect the property. This usually takes around 24 hours.

We thoroughly probe your soon-to-be home in detail so that all you have to think about is where to put the sofa.

After inspection, our surveyor will write up an extensive report and email it to you within 3-5 days.

You’ll receive a comprehensive 60-page report filled with information and photos on your new home. You’ll be able to make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life without fear that you’re buying a problem house. Our surveyors will be on hand to guide you through any and all issues.

The key points are clearly laid out in our ‘Principle Points’ section, making it easy for you to quickly see the areas that need your attention.

We cover over 50 different points of interest, including:

  • Nearby trees and whether they’re likely to be a problem
  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Chimneys
  • Ventilation
  • Gutters
  • Damp-proof coursing
  • Gardens, garages etc
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Internal decorations
  • Doors, windows, skirtings
  • Floors

All to ensure you are completely covered when you sign on the dotted line.

We work with the best organisations across the industry:

BarclaysLloydsHandelsbankenMetroLawrence StephensHoward KennedyLocal Space

Your Next Step – Work with Us

If you are ready, the next step is for you to fill out the contact form. It’ll take a few minutes and we will call you back to get you a quote.

Seize this opportunity to sleep soundly knowing you will be fully informed.

The Building Survey includes:

  • Inspection booked in within 24 hours
  • Report returned to you after 3-5 working days
  • Experienced surveyors on hand for guidance and questions throughout the service
  • 60-page comprehensive report with photos

Optional Extras

  • Building costs included for any problems, so that you can use them directly in any negotiations

What happens if we make a mistake?

We make every effort to ensure your report is fully comprehensive, however sometimes an item is missed. In the first instance, we will always do what we can to resolve and make good. However, there are times where this is not enough. If it impacts significantly on your purchase, we are covered up to £25,000,000 (yes, that’s 25 million) through our professional indemnity insurers; meaning that we have the ability to cover almost every eventuality.

Save thousands through the power of information.

Here’s why you’ll love the Building Survey.

  • Experienced surveyors guiding you every step of the way.
  • Over 50 different points of interest identified and noted.
  • Delivered within 3-5 days after inspection.
  • 60-page PDF booklet with photos for you to save and keep.

With the optional extras package, you’ll get:

  • Itemised list of how much it will cost specifically to repair the problems found.


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