Alfie Munro, Junior Property Manager at Anderson Wilde & Harris

It is always exciting to see people starting out on their journey in property, and even more so when they join us for those initial steps. As such, we are delighted to have been able to welcome Alfie Munro to the team in January 2024.

Throughout his time at college, Alfie knew he wanted to work in the built environment but was unsure exactly in which capacity. Having toyed with the idea of pursuing a career in civil engineering, he met Kevin Marshall, our Managing Director and Director of Building Surveying and Property Management Services, through a family connection, who immediately saw Alfie’s potential.

With a desire to see his passion for property develop, Alfie has been given a role working closely with both the Property Management team as well as our Building Surveyors. This two-pronged approach will give him the opportunity to experience both aspects of the business, providing him with a solid understanding of what each of the roles involves, so that he can make an informed decision about which path to pursue and develop more fully.

Knowing it is still very early days and that he has a lot more to experience before he makes a decision as to which career path to focus on, Alfie is thoroughly enjoying working in the Property Management department. When asked what about it attracts him to that side of the business, he thoughtfully replied:

I don’t know how to put it. As well as the knowledge of the properties and what is involved in managing them, there are a lot of life skills you can learn doing it. It is something that I can see myself being able to do and it also feels like something I could fit into well.

Alfie relishes the opportunity to develop skills that he can take with him into the future.

I recognise that both of the roles contain a lot for me to learn, especially at the age I am. Being more independent, timekeeping, travelling, keeping myself organised; these are such important skills to have.

Although he has currently had more exposure to the property management side of the business, he has loved going out on building survey inspections.

The first time I went out on an inspection I went with Kevin, who is obviously very knowledgeable. He was immediately pointing out all sorts of things that I did not expect to even have to think about. Building Surveying is extremely detailed and intricate, and all the small details matter! It was fascinating.

Alfie clearly loves to learn – as evidenced by the fact that he began teaching himself to play the guitar during the Covid Pandemic – and has been keeping a keen eye on all that he has been shown during these first couple of months at AWH. He also immediately took the initiative to take notes and assign himself tasks to do once back in the office or at home, to make sure he can hone his developing skills as quickly and effectively as possible.

Whether it is writing reports or how to communicate with contractors. There is a lot to learn, such as the language and terminology to use, and what to watch out for.

Looking into the future, he certainly realises that it is far too early in the process to know which of the two paths he would like to pursue as a career but is gratefully and eagerly taking every opportunity to learn from the experts within the AWH team.

If you are interested in working in property, we are regularly looking for graduates who have a desire to work in valuations and building surveying. Details can be found on our Careers page. Alternatively, please get in touch either by calling 0800 071 5517 or by emailing