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The Property Market is a fascinating field to work in. With the huge variety of properties out there – from commercial warehouses, through high-rise blocks of flats, down to 2-bed terraced houses – there is always something new to discover.

Have you considered working in property? This is a question all of our staff and directors have had to ask themselves at some point in their lives. If you would like to take that step, why not consider becoming a RICS qualified Building Surveyor or Property Valuation expert? Whilst achieving this qualification requires a high degree of industry knowledge and hard work, our Assessment of Professional Competence Training Programme will help you achieve the expertise you need. You will be supported throughout by property experts who actively work in the industry and have in-depth knowledge of the process.

What is the RICS APC?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a globally recognised body that develops and enforces the standards and the qualifications for the development and upkeep of residential and commercial properties. RICS states that:

The Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) ensures that candidates are competent and meet the high standards of professionalism required to become a chartered surveyor.

These are a mix of technical and professional practice, interpersonal, business and management skills.
Source: RICS APC

In order to become qualified as a chartered surveyor or valuer, you must undertake the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). Eligible candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree or an approved professional qualification.

When enrolling for the APC, you need to select a “Sector Pathway” that you are seeking qualification in. While there are 22 pathways available for the MRICS qualification, AWH is able to support you in the Building Surveying, Valuation and Residential pathways. You can find more information about these pathways, including the mandatory core and optional competencies required for each, on the RICS website.

How long does the APC take?

If you have less than 10 years of experience in surveying, you will need to take part in a Structured Training Programme. The training programme can be done over a 12 or 24-month period during which you will be required to produce a number of written documents that demonstrate your experience in the competencies required for your selected pathway.

What is needed to complete the APC?

As stated above, the Structured Training Programme can be done over either 12 or 24 months. During this time you work with our staff, gaining the practical experience you need, both face-to-face with clients, in writing reports and carrying out inspections.

Louise Manners MRICS, who qualified in the autumn of 2021, describes the process this way:

It’s like doing the full job but with supervision. In addition to the required training you need to do each year, you also create a portfolio of experience whilst working in the role over the 12-24 months.

Alongside the practical elements, there are a number of written elements that are required. These include:

  • A summary of your experience – This consists of a 4,000 word report on your experience in the core competencies of your chosen sector pathway and an additional 1,500 word report covering the mandatory ones. The competencies required vary depending on the pathway you have chosen.
  • A Case study report – This 3,000 word report needs to clearly outline a case that you have been actively involved in and demonstrate how key issues were resolved.
  • A CPD record – To qualify you must complete a given number of CPD hours during your Structured training Programme. If you have opted for the 12-month programme you need to complete 48 hours, while the 24-months programme requires 36 hours of CPD.
  • A diary record of your day-to-day experiences – This diary needs to document and demonstrate which of the competencies you are achieving.
  • A Final Assessment interview – This interview will include a 10 minute case study presentation by you, where you can demonstrate your core competences, followed by a Q&A session on your experience.

How can AWH support you?

Over the years we have supported dozens of surveyors and valuers in achieving the APC qualification. Our directors, who have all been through the process, all take an active interest in assisting those seeking the qualification to gain the experience they need.

Rob Hughes MRICS and director in the Valuations department, is always delighted to be able to do so. He reflects:

To help you qualify, all your qualified and experienced colleagues and peers give up their time to do practice interviews with you, going through your critical analysis. It therefore works like a big circle. Once you are qualified it is incumbent on you to pass that favour on to those who are just going through it themselves. I have been involved in many mock interviews over the years, helping some of our staff qualify.

Mandeep Jhita MRICS, remembers his experience qualifying at AWH fondly:

It was very hands on. I actually went from an internship at a corporate company, where I wasn’t doing much, if any, surveying work, to a much smaller company in AWH but was fully exposed to ‘real’ surveying work.

The support network surrounding the APC was second to none. There was a real willingness to help. Time was given up after work hours for mock interviews and providing CPD’s. It also helped immensely that a lot of my colleagues had taken and successfully completed their APC at AWH.

AWH gives a great combination of hands-on work including inspection, to research to report writing, to actual mentoring and tutoring via CPD.

Alongside the many members of staff who have qualified as MRICS through the APC training provided by AWH, George Palos, FRICS and Director at AHW, is an APC assessor and is therefore in an ideal position to provide guidance to those who are seeking to gain their qualification.

Get started today

If you are interested in becoming a qualified Chartered Building Surveying or Property Valuations, let AWH help you through our Structured Training Programme. Draw on the experience of our staff and directors and get extensive exposure to practical surveying and valuations projects.

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