Neil Maloney, Director at Anderson Wilde & Harris

Having been in the London property market for over 20 years, we have had the privilege of working with some incredible property professionals. Many of these relationships span decades and have been strengthened through collaboration on projects or Expert Witness cases. One such relationship is with Neil Maloney, FRICS FIRPM, director of My Home Surveyor (London) Ltd.

Alongside providing property management and general practice surveying services to the public and property professionals through his firm, Neil has also recently joined our Property Management team as a director. His experience, gained over many years working both as a surveyor and a Property Manager, complements and enhances the extensive knowledge held by Kevin Marshall, Clive Greewood and the rest of our Property Management professionals.

Neil has been a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (“RICS”) since its amalgamation with the Incorporated Society of Valuers and Auctioneers (“ISVA”) back in 2000, having previously been a Fellow of that Society. Neil has a wealth of experience and has worked in property management for over 30 years. His dedication and expertise are something that many of his clients continue to place their trust in year after year.

I have worked with many clients and property professionals over the years, but one that stands out for me is one particular property that I managed for around 30 years. On average, management companies change every 5-7 years, so it has been wonderful to have worked with one client for that length of time.

Looking back over his career there is not much that Neil has not experienced as a Chartered Building Surveyor, Chartered Valuation Surveyor or Property Manager. But the property market was not Neil’s original plan.

I actually wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. However, when I got my first job in a general practice surveying company and they said they would put me through college as I clearly had a talent for surveying, I was more than happy for them to do so.

Originally qualifying as a Chartered Valuation Surveyor, Neil spent his first couple of years working in that field, where he was involved in some of the very first enfranchisement valuations. However, he eventually decided that was not the path he wanted to be on, but rather that his skills lay in the buildings and management side.

I enjoy buildings and architecture. I enjoy problem solving, research, and I enjoy law. Combine all of those, and you get property management.

This in-depth knowledge and understanding of legal matters relating to property management is one of the areas Neil is seeking to bolster our existing team. Neil sees his role as one where he can provide advice or support in areas that Clive or the rest of the team may not have dealt with personally yet.

Clive has a very good background in property management, having worked in the business for almost as many years as I have. As such, I am here to support him and the practice in general, to help expand that part of the business.

One way Neil is hoping to assist is in the role of an Expert Witness. As he has a number of appointments from tribunals for management of property, Neil has acted for a number of litigation clients over management matters in the past and is looking forward to that continuing in combination with AWH. Especially considering that most of his work in that field comes from business relationships developed throughout his career, many of whom are common contacts with our company directors, Kevin Marshal and George Palos.

Some clients would require that the management company seeks the appointment of a manger under tribunal powers, and that is something that I look forward to helping them achieve.

We are delighted that Neil has joined us to provide an even stronger property management service to our clients while he continues to do so through his company, My Home Surveyor. We know that working in collaboration with a property professional of this calibre will enhance both businesses, and Neil has already started introducing some of his clients to the experts at AWH, so that both his and our clients receive the highest quality property management on the market.

If you would like to discuss how Neil or our team could help you manage your residential property, please call us on 0800 071 5517 or email We look forward to working with you.