Seeking to provide an excellent level of customer service sits at the core of everything we do. In order to continue to invest in our ability to build customer relationships that last, we would like to introduce you to our new Business Development Manager, Kate Marandola.

Kate, who joined AWH in April 2022, bolsters our business development team with an in-depth understanding of the lettings market in London. Having worked in a Lettings Agency in west London since leaving University, Kate is excited about coming to work in the City and expanding on her existing knowledge of the property market.

Keeping communication at the forefront

Despite having loved her time in the world of property lettings, the one thing that Kate found disappointing was that there was never enough time to build quality client connections.

Our emphasis on regular and consistent communication and our commitment to creating longstanding relationships with our customers is what immediately attracted Kate to the role.

In Lettings everything very quick and is very transactional. So you would start building this good working relationship with the prospective tenant and it would then be over almost immediately. People told me that a sales role in the property market outside of selling houses did not exist. When I was presented with this opportunity at AWH I knew that it was the one for me!

Part of what Kate is looking forward to is being able to research and develop a strong understanding of what the client’s needs and expectations are, and then being able to match it to one of our services. As the primary point of contact between clients and the team at AWH, Kate relishes the prospect of being able to stay with clients throughout the entire sales process and beyond.

In Lettings, the house is the house, so if someone likes it they take it. So you simply close the deal and move on. As a Business Development Manager, closing the deal can be a very small part of the whole transaction. That’s what I am excited about!

Advised by the best

Working closely with Jamie Chamberlain, Sales Director, drawing on his experience and expertise, Kate is on the fast-track to becoming an expert in her own right. While she readily admits that there are still a few things for her to learn, primarily related to the specifics of inspections our Building Surveyors and Valuation experts carry out. She is therefore looking forward to being able to spend some time out on site with them over the coming weeks.

I learn better when I can put things into practice. Having example reports with the definitions and being able to spend time with the professionals here means I can do just that.

Whether you are an existing client, or are interested in one of our services, Kate would be delighted to talk to you about how we can help with needs around chartered surveying, property valuations or one of the other services we provide. Email Kate on or call 0800 071 5517.