A Surveyors View on the Growing Divide between Homeowners and Renters

As we discussed in a recent blog article, Millennials are facing unprecedented barriers to entry when looking to buy their own home. But it is not just Millennials that are facing these challenges. In the UK, there is currently a widening gap between homeowners and renters.

In this article we want to explore some of the reasons and present a few views on how this trend could be counteracted.

The article covers:

  • Factors affecting the cost of homeownership
  • Factors affecting the affordability of rented accommodation
  • Possible steps that can help housing remain affordable
  • How developers and investors can help tackle the issue

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Wooden house being held between thumb and forefinger - AWH, your London property experts   Excerpt from AWH Thought Leadership article on the Growing Divide between Homeowners and Renters

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