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We live in a world where space is at a premium within our towns and cities. Understandably, property developers and landowners are making as much use of the space they have available. Regrettably, this can sometimes mean that development of new buildings can affect the amount of natural light that reaches existing properties in the surrounding area.

A Right to Light, also known as Rights of Light, is a legal right to enjoy sufficient natural light in a room or space within a property so that it can be used for its normal purpose. The light must enter through defined apertures, or openings, in the landowner’s buildings such as windows, skylights and glass roofs.

If the amount of light is going to be drastically reduced, your Right to Light may be under threat. This Homeowner’s guide to Right to Light will provide you with everything you need to know to understand what your rights are and how to protect them, including:

  • What the ‘Right To Light’ is
  • How to establish a Right to Light
  • How a protect a Right to Light
  • Common misconceptions around Right to Light

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