Selling a house can be quite overwhelming for homeowners. With lots of new properties competing in the market, it is absolutely important to show your homes at their best in order to receive offers and have a fast sale.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make the experience of selling your home quick and smooth as possible:

 Do: Pick the best time to sell

The higher the number of buyers competing for your property, the higher the chance for you to get the best offers and to sell your home fast. To achieve this, it is advisable put up your property on sale in Spring (April to March).

During this season, potential buyers are attracted to the market because of nice weather and longer daylight hours which make house viewing more enjoyable. In addition, sunlight in the springtime can make your home more attractive and appealing. Families also prefer to buy a home in this season to coincide with the end of the academic year.

The second-best time to sell your house is Autumn (September to October). There are no major holidays during this season and the weather is still nice. Usually, buyers don’t like to transact over Christmas time and long school holidays so do everything you can to make your sale early.

Making a property sale in summer or winter is a bit challenging so try to sell your home as early as possible. In the winter, it is advisable to get your home in the market in the New Year.

 Don’t: Overprice your property

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners commit when selling is overpricing their properties. Think of it this way, if you have listed your home for a high price, buyers looking in that price range will choose relatively larger homes and your best prospects may not have the chance to see your listing because its price is higher than their range.

Overpricing your home also encourages the chance for it to become a stale listing, making you end up with a lower price sale.

Avoid this mistake by getting a valuation for your home and researching the prices of properties surrounding yours—helping you agree on the best and accurate selling price.

 Do: Hire an experienced estate agent

You can sell your home by yourself but if you want a swift and less risky sale, you must hire an experienced estate agent.

Knowing the process all the way through, estate agents will do most of the tiring task of communicating with potential buyers, scheduling house viewings, as well as managing and marketing your property listing.

If you have any doubts in your ability to sell your home, you should definitely hire an estate agent. But, be sure to find an experienced and professional one. Although hiring an estate agent will cost you a bit more, they will help you secure a sale and prevent your property from becoming a stale listing.

Don’t: Ignore feedback of agent and buyers

Homeowners usually think that their homes are perfect, but when it comes to selling, it is important to assess and look at your properties objectively.

Whether the house paint is too dark, the windows need to be double glazed or carpets are already worn out, buyers usually leave feedback during showings, and listening to these will help you improve your property.

Sometimes, agents also leave remarks on arranging furniture to make your home appear bigger and allow more space.

Keep in mind that being proactive in adapting these suggestions can increase potential buyers.

Do: Prepare your property

Appearance and first impressions matter when selling a home.

Before listing your property, declutter and deep clean your home to make it look brand new to attract more buyers thus, speeding up the sales process. You also need to check and repair things that are broken. Minor changes can also be done such as replacing the carpets, repainting the walls and updating appliances.

Ask yourself who your target market is. Once you answer this question, stage your home according to this but be careful not to alienate other types of buyers.

Read more on how to prepare your property and increase its value here.

 Don’t: Miss out on marketing

Buyers nowadays, search the internet when looking for houses – that’s why it’s necessary to maximise your exposure in the digital world.

Aside from the online listing your estate agent will make, you can also post your property on different websites for a small fee. You can take advantage of various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Advertise your property on Facebook (groups, timeline, etc) by sharing the link of your property listing. In this way, you will be able to reach a number of friends who might be interested in buying.

Additional tip: Invest on good photographer! Listings with more than six photos are more likely to be viewed.

 Do: Promote your neighbourhood

In addition to the appearance and condition of your property, a good neighbourhood is also one of the factors that buyers consider.

Promote your neighbourhood by mentioning nearest transport links, schools, clinics and supermarkets. It is also critical to mention how safe, quiet and friendly the neighbourhood is.

Don’t: Get emotionally involved

Letting go of something you’ve invested and put a lot of work into is really hard. This is evident to some homeowners who get sad and a bit emotional when selling their homes. However, when it comes to selling, you have to set aside all your emotions and be objective.

Before putting up your property on sale, ensure that you’ve let go of the features and decorations you handpicked and make your house as neutral as possible. The reason behind this is for buyers to easily imagine themselves living in the property.

Written by Heidecel Serrano

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