With the Covid vaccine dominating the headlines, it’s not taken long for employers to predict that workers will be out of their homes and back to the office sooner than we might have thought.

Unused office space after coronavirus could prove costly for companies as studies show that potentially over 70% of all office rent paid by businesses in London will be spent on empty desks. Companies will understandably be keen for employees to return. However, this conflicts with figures suggesting that London office workers want to spend an average of just over 2 and a half days back in the office once restrictions have lifted, and one in ten workers don’t want to go back to the office at all.

It’s therefore critical that the 2021 office is safe, comfortable and can fully support the digitally driven trends that were already in motion pre-pandemic. It will also boost the value of your commercial property – speak to our valuations team today to find out more.

One reason why home working has proved so popular is that it has restored the privacy workers have lost over the last few decades. Open plan offices designed to harness teamwork and productive chats have actually caused unwelcome distractions and force workers to endure too much noise.

The new hybrid worker of 2021 will mainly come into the office to meet colleagues, so it seems sensible to convert some of the potentially unwanted open-plan space into something desperately missing – readily available meeting rooms. These spaces could also double up for people to conduct video calls or webinars which we predict will be here to stay long after the pandemic is over.

Open-plan spaces don’t lend themselves to work that requires in-depth focus (although neither does a home with a toddler or two in!). Some areas could be transformed into ultra-quiet areas where people can easily work without interruption and would entice them back to the office.

As the country begins to return to work, concerns about the spread of infectious disease will mean investing in a healthy building for ventilation, water, air quality, moisture and security is a must so your employees feel safe.

Now is the perfect time to ensure your workspace is fit and healthy for the day when your employees get to dust off their office shoes. The traditional office isn’t going to disappear any time soon as not all workers will choose to stay remote. Our team of commercial property specialists are on hand to answer any questions you have so get in touch – or 0800 071 5517.