Natalie Gering BA (Hons) BSc (Hons) MRICS

Why do our Chartered Surveyors love their job? Primarily because of their interest in property but also because one day is never the same as another. At least that is what Associate Director Natalie Gering BA (Hons) BSc (Hons) MRICS assures us. Natalie has been with AWH for over 10 years and loves the variety of properties, survey types for different purposes and the areas in and around London that she gets to work in.

A specialist from the start

Originally born in the Ukraine, Natalie has grown up multilingual, speaking Ukrainian, Russian, German and English fluently – as well as some Spanish, although she does admit that she is a bit out of practice without the opportunity to practice it regularly.

This knowledge and love of language led her to originally completed a degree in foreign language and literature in her home country of the Ukraine. However, Natalie quickly felt that this was not the arena she wanted to work in and began considering her options. Although both her parents are doctors, making medicine a distinct possibility for her, Natalie’s interest in the property market instead started her along the path to becoming a Chartered Surveyor. This involved a move to London to attend the University of Greenwich, where Natalie completed her degree in Real Estate in 2011.

The property market is an interesting and constantly developing industry to work in and for me London is the ideal place to work as it is always changing and growing.

Towards the end of her degree, her tutor came across AWH who were advertising a fresh intake for their Assessment of Professional Competence training at the time, and Natalie quickly applied. Following the period of work experience required in order to take the MRICS exam, Natalie passed on her first attempt in 2014, which she was understandably delighted with.

From the very beginning she was introduced to the vast range of property valuations AWH undertake. Working closely with the Directors and other Chartered Surveyors, she was fortunate enough to have been involved in valuations of specialist properties, including hotels and petrol stations. Not many Chartered Surveyors get to develop experience in properties of this kind, so she is pleased that she has been able to do so from the start.

This kind of property requires a different type and method of valuation. For example, when carrying out a valuation for a block of flats there are a lot of properties of a similar nature that you can compare it to, to get a good indication of what the value might be.

There are fewer comparables for specialist properties, so you need a much deeper knowledge of industry and how the value would be calculated, for instance utilising the Profits method of valuation.

Properties of all shapes and sizes

It is the need for this specialist knowledge as well as the diversity and variety of the jobs she gets to work on is what Natalie loves about being a Chartered Surveyor at AWH. With valuations covering everything from luxury, high-end residencies through to HMO properties, commercial, industrial units and property developments, the range and experience needed by the AWH team is vast. And it is not just valuations that Natalie has been involved in. Whether it is Leasehold Enfranchisements or Building Surveys, the varied work helps keep her, and our other Chartered Surveyors, on the top of their game, constantly developing their knowledge.

Having returned from maternity leave earlier in the year, Natalie was delighted to be able to catch up with colleagues, both old and new, at a recent social event.

AWH is a great place to work. You get so much help and support from everyone when you are doing your APC training and it was great seeing everyone for the first time in ages.

If you need help with a Building Survey or Property Valuation of any kind, our expert team would love to hear from you. We work throughout the London area and beyond, and our Surveyors have experience across all types of property. Reach out to our team on or call 0800 071 5517.