Mark Searby, Valuations Director at Anderson Wilde & Harris

The work involved in property valuations is extensive and detailed and when considering trade related properties, such as hotels, pubs, and restaurants, the depth of analysis required to accurately value a property as a going-concern is even more demanding. We believe we have some of the country’s best surveyors in our valuations team, which has been enhanced even further by the recent addition of Mark Searby, BSc (Hons) MSc MRICS.

Mark joined the AWH team in October 2023, and has over 10 years of valuations experience in the trade related sectors, including the hospitality, leisure, and healthcare industries.

Mark’s journey into the property market started when he attended Nottingham Trent University, where he studied construction management. The built environment had always fascinated him, and he knew he wanted to do something in property.

However, after being handed his hard-hat and high-viz vest on the first day of the course, he quickly realised that he did not actually want to be on the building site every day. The fascination of the property market continued though and after leaving university in 2008, just as the financial crisis began, Mark found he was unable to find work in the construction industry. Undeterred, Mark returned to higher education, this time to do a master’s in real estate, where he gained his grounding in the financial analysis of the property market.

What I found interesting was understanding ‘Why is that building being built? Who is going to occupy it? Who is funding it?’ etc.

As the course was a RICS accredited course, Mark achieved his Valuations Competency as part of the course. He admits though that even at that point he did not realise this was the route he ultimately wanted to go down.

It was only after I had completed my masters degree in real estate and I was working in the property sector that I realised there was a career opportunity where chartered surveyors value trading businesses. Whenever I visited a pub or restaurant, I was always inherently curious about the business, how it was trading, the profit margin being achieved and what was behind all the doors marked ‘private’. When I realised that being a specialist trade-related valuation surveyor would provide an opportunity to survey all parts of the physical property whilst also gaining a full understanding of the business operating from the property, I thought ‘That’s the career I want to do.’

Mark began his career in valuations working for a company in Ipswich who specialised in trade related valuations. This allowed him to immediately gain a solid understanding of what these specialist valuations entail. And after a decade of working in the sector, Mark’s interest in the financial analysis of trade-related properties has not worn off.

In fact, understanding the business aspects of the different properties he values, as well as the depth of analysis and detail required for trade valuations, is what that Mark finds most appealing.

I have an inherent interest in business. When valuing any property, no two are the same. I love to understand why one is trading better than another, the different ways they are being operated, and who their customers are. My role is very people orientated, I enjoy meeting business owners and find it very rewarding to assist in their procuring of funding in order to implement growth strategies – I have revisited many businesses which, following refinance, have expanded either through physical extension or the acquisition of further sites, which is a pleasure to see and to be a part of.

His recent move to join the AWH team was actually prompted by an initial conversation with a recruiter in 2022. At the time, Mark’s wife was expecting their first child, and Mark did not feel it was the right time to leave the role he was in at the time. However, about 6 months later things had changed. After a few conversations with George Palos and Lucy Waldron, he had a really good feeling about joining our team.

It coincided with some changes taking place in my previous role, so the timing was just right. AWH has a completely different culture than anywhere I have worked before. Everyone is extremely friendly and approachable, and I already feel like a big part of the company.

Mark is excited about the opportunity he sees to grow the trade-related valuations side of the business. Being able to bring his experience in the medical sector – such as dental practices, pharmacies and doctors’ surgeries – is something that he knows will help AWH expand on our already strong valuations service offering.

We are absolutely delighted to have Mark onboard, working alongside our award-winning surveyors. If you would like to speak to Mark or another member of the trade valuations team, please call 0800 071 5517 or email